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About Our Courses

Marketing as a discipline remains a crucial an integral part of the real estate value chain across all asset classes (residential, commercial, office, hospitality etc.) and service offerings (brokerage, consulting, advisory etc.). Its importance and relevance cannot be overemphasized as the heartbeat of any business, to generate resources needed to ensure sustainability and profitability of the business/project. The AREM and PSD courses is designed to enable participants acquire knowledge about the real estate market and understand its dynamics as a sector player or stakeholder.

The School of Estate has painstakingly developed the course content for both courses to reflect current trends and practices in the real estate market. Additionally, we have also assembled World Class facilitators that will deliver exceptional value and equip participants with modern skill sets and competencies, needed to excel and dominate the Marketing and Sales space of the real estate industry.

Learning outcomes for the course for participants include the following listed below;


Getting to Know Your Market

Conduct market analysis using regional and neighborhood demographics to successfully position your property/project/service offering.

Taking a Look Around

Learn to analyze the market forces that affect/impact on subject property/project, competition analysis, and rent/sale price setting strategies.

Building Your Brand

Learn what it takes to market your property including social media and brand development.

Positioning your Property/Project/Service offering

Want to hit your target audience?

Develop a marketing mindset and learn to incorporate advertising, public relations, social media, and analytics.


Making that Deal Happen

Get the low down on key elements of legal issues as it affects renting, leasing, sales including concessions, renewals, tenant mix and broker commissions.

Maximizing Your People/Team

Understand what it takes to recruit and/or run an effective marketing and sales team/unit/business, and the role that staff/team/agent organization, communication, and incentives play in attracting new customers.

Seeing the Big Picture

Understand the impact of business cycles on supply and demand, and how economics play a role in marketing and sales.

Understanding the Customer

Conducting end-user analysis to determine the needs, tastes, preferences and buying patterns of the 21st century customer and how to reach, engage and support them. Prioritizing and emphasizing the customer through-out the planning process ensures business sustainability, revenue generation and profitability.
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