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Affordable Housing Estate in Abuja

Despite the various failed attempts made by governments and institutions at the federal and states level to provide affordable and accessible shelter for all, and coupled with the persistent global attempts made by some concerned non-governmental organisations towards promoting the attainment of housing by all in the beginning of this century, the holistic rise in the development and management of estate, is saliently growing in Nigeria.

With the highest number of population in black Africa and the tempting rise of unemployment and skilled labour among its youth, the need to have a planned and implemented strategy that can provide a convenient protection against human deprivation is not only desirable, but, a matter of urgency and imperative necessity. It is against this backdrop, and considering the need to compliment government policies and initiatives, that, the Dantata Town Developers Limited emerged and established its presence in the real estate construction and management portfolios in Nigeria.

As part of its efforts to bridge the gap of shelter, through the provision of accessible, affordable and ideally convenient housing for all, Dantata Town Developers has presently constructed over 1,000 housing units in Kubuwa, a suburb of the FCT which comprises of two and three bedrooms detached duplex and blocks of flats. The central focus should not only be seen on the affordable prices fixed for these structures, but, more importantly, the level of professionalism displayed in the construction that is quality linked. The finishing works and designs represent the Midas touch that replicates the aura of a polished modern design. In that estate, it is professionalism and quality that speak.

The developers of the Dantata housing estate, were not only structurally concerned, but, also environmentally friendly and client centric. The location choice itself, speaks volume of the love and concern the company has for nature, which by extension, creates a highly spiritual and peaceful positive impact on the lives and day to day activities of the inhabitants. The environs have a serenity that is equal to non around its neighborhoods. House owners are provided with a walk away modern railway station for the ease of mobility to and from the central business district as well as to other parts of the country, expenses and human devaluation associated with stress is virtually non-existent. Equally important, is the location of a power plant within a close but, not troubled proximity, which guarantees the provision of uninterrupted power supply for the daily usage of the inhabitants.

The name of Dantata is synonymous to entrepreneurship at a very high scale and diverse concentrations, among which is construction. It is therefore, obvious for one to ascertain the level of managerial competence and degree of seriousness that is attached in the running of the day to day activities of the company. The management crew which comprises of versatile professionals in engineering, business administration, human resources and business communication experts just to mention but a few, has a combination of exposures that guided and provided the soft landing for the smooth running of the company in all spheres of business activities, such as sales and competitive market readiness.

After the successful finishing and sales of its housing units under phase I project, Dantata Town Developers is set again to begin the construction and sales of its housing units in phase II at the same location. As usual, the primary concern of the company is to assist the citizens in having affordable and convenient shelter over their heads. It is against the background of this rare organizational decency and human feelings that the company introduced a mouthwatering price and payment plan that is splitted under the new project. This noble gesture knows no bound and it is the first of its kind in the history of town developments within the federal capital, Abuja.

As we celebrate the emergence of Dantata Town Developers Limited into the fold of estate construction, management and as a pace-setter to enhancing human development, the key words to remember while dealing with them are; professionalism, quality and affordability (PQA). These are the trade mark build over the decades, showcasing excellence and continuity. These are the rationales that made them to stand tall to the seeing of every one and thus, guaranteed as the surest and sustainable beacon of our hope and choice.

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