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Beryl Shelter Sets New Pace in Real Estate Business

The days of people making referrals in real estate business and walking away without cutting a deal for themselves are waning with the introduction of a reward system by Beryl Shelter Limited, a real estate firm. Looking at the way it is configured, it is a win-win mechanism for all concerned, 

The nation’s property market is booming once more and one of the factors responsible for this development is that the banks are giving long-term loans to prospective buyers of property. They are moving away from giving only short-term loans.
This is one of the good things in the market that Beryl Shelter is catching in on, according to its Chief Executive Officer, Miss. Abiola Afolayan, who presented her company’s unique promo in Lagos, recently.
There is nothing in fine prints, from Beryl’s presentation that looks like something that will disqualify anyone with strongreferral from getting one of the several gifts, which includes a Hyundai car.
Just tell them someone wants to buy or sell or let a house worth certain amount and the person gets a gift once the paper work is done. The more referrals a person makes the merrier.
Beryl Shelter is presenting these rare incentives of gifts to both sellers and buyers of property, after successful referrals.
Explaining the fine points of the unique ‘Felix Grand Promotion 1’, during its launch Miss.Afolayan said “There is no ballot, no draw but one referral produces one car. With the promotion, Beryl Shelter will be giving out brand new Hyundai cars, and other prizes like 10KVA Generators, 52” LCD television sets, washing machines and brand new I-phones for simply referring Beryl Shelter to intending buyers, sellers or renters of property in Lagos or Abuja.”
The promotion, she said has started with the launch, adding that “referrers are qualified for the prizes at the successful conclusion of the respective transaction of sale, purchase or rental of the relevant properties.”
She said the Felix Grand Promotion, which is targeted towards landlords, tenants and property investors in commercial and residential categories, brings novelty to promotions in Nigeria, especially in the properties and real estate sector of the economy.
Afolayan said, “Beryl Shelter want to be reputed for staging the most elaborate property promotions in the country,” adding thatthe promo would stir the nation’s property market.
The launch, Afolayan said was in keeping with the company’s tradition of innovative and elaborate promotion extravaganza.
According to her, “We started with free micro wave oven and someone called me and said people want quality service and not micro wave oven; you should give people quality service.”
Back then, she said she thought business was about making profit and that it took her some years to really understand what her caller meant. She said they also gave out airline first class tickets to any part of the world.
She called this time the ‘resting period’ after which “I totally understood my market. We then looked at the market to add value. We noticed that a lot of people push property down uninformed buyers’ throat. And a lot of people have a misconception about the real estate business in Nigeria, thinking that what goes up never comes down. If you buy wrong it will come down; if you don’t buy right from the beginning, the property will devalue,” explaining that some people buy property at a price it should be in 10 years from the date of purchase.
She said it would be counter-productive to take a bank loan to buy a property for N80 million that is not worth it, saying “we inform our customers if we feel that the property is not worth that value. If you are buying for investment then you should at least get 10 per cent returns per annum. If you buy to live in then it doesn’t matter because you are happy with the house even if it doesn’t earn you anything. A luxury item has no price tag.”
Afolayan said after she felt she understood her market and can “actually impact on everybody that knocks on our door we now decided to start the promo. We don’t just one or two per cent, we want to knock on every door. We are not just going to add value to your knowledge of the property market;we will show you the whole plan.
Some property developers, she said create unnecessary hype and give the impression that the property is hot and is about being taken. “You want to buy property on Lekki-Epe expressway and they say it is going; no it is not going.
The promo, she said is targeted at people with information on people who want to buy, rent or sell property, explaining that bankers who have customers that may want to buy or let or sell a property is game.
“Depending on the value of this car we are talking about, we either give him a Hyundai car or a two-door freezer or a 12kva generator or other gift items,” she said.
The promo launch was well-attended by players in the banking, oil and gas, maritime, telecommunication, power, insurance, agricultural and real estate sectors, among others.
Beryl Shelter Limited, she said is a property marketing company which has been in business since 2001, adding that it has a clear vision of creating innovative products and services in the property marketing sector of the economy where it operates.
Afolayan added that “we are re-engineering in order to totally seize our target market and this attests to Beryl Shelters’ continuous development of strategic and sensational products that will meet and surpass the property needs and expectations of the Nigerian market.
“The company, which has carved an enviable niche in the Nigeria properties marketing sector, has a portfolio of quality residential and commercial properties scattered across the landscapes of Lagos and Abuja which already offer special value.”
However with this added promotion referred transactions will be bonused/rewarded with a brand new Hyundai car or any of our other promotional prizes.
She said, “This elaborate promotion is part of our company’s strategy to move on a strong and positive momentum to secure and retain a minimum of 30 per cent share of the market in the medium to high income earners bracket in Nigeria by the end of the first quarter of 2015.”
Hyundai is in…
A representative of Hyundai Motors Limited, Mrs.Amaka Shah said, “Stallion Group (marketers of Hyundai cars) is aware of the promo and I am sure Beryl Shelter will give whatever they have promised and we are supporting them and we are happy to be part of this promo. Also, it is kind of publicity for us. We are proud to be here and to partner with you.”
A client said he came across Beryl Shelter’s chief executive when he was in search of a suitable investment in real estate after retiring from his job in oil and gas.
The retired manager said he is into his third investment through Beryl and that he is contented and has peace of mind, “because of her passion of making sure that the customer gets the best. She took care of all my apprehensions. At the end of the day, it was her composure that actually convinced me.”
Other customers expressed similar sentiments, focusing on satisfaction and good service. One of them said he is looking beyond a Hyundai because of the grade of property he wants to present.
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December 17, 2014

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