Requirements For Processing Governor's Consent

In this comprehensive guide, we will burrow into the intricacies of obtaining Governor's Consent for your land transactions in Lagos State. The requirements and workflow presented here are a byproduct of the Lagos State Government's guidelines, as outlined in the handbook of activities from the Directorate of Land Services during Governor Ambode's Administration. 



Requirements for Processing Governor's Consent:

The foundation of obtaining Governor's Consent is a well-prepared set of documents. Consider this your roadmap to success:


1. Duly Completed Land Form 1C

Begin your journey by filling out Land Form 1C in its entirety. This document acts as the gateway to your application.


2. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Root of Title

Present an authentic Certified True Copy of the root of title to establish the ownership history.


3. Deeds/Instruments of Transfer (3Nos.) with Clear Survey Plans

Provide three copies of Deeds or Instruments of Transfer, each accompanied by clear and precise survey plans.


4. Passport Photographs

Four passport photographs (5x5 size) with a white background, capturing your identity professionally.


5. Certificate of Incorporation and Form of Directors

For company applications, include the Certificate of Incorporation and forms that detail your company's directors.


6. Site Photographs and Location Sketch

Offer a visual representation of your site through photographs, along with a location sketch for context.


7. Payment Receipt

Provide a receipt of payment amounting to NGN 10,500.00, covering charting, endorsement, and Form 1C processing.


8. Letter of Authority and Covering Letter

If applying on behalf of the landowner, a Letter of Authority is required. Accompany this with a comprehensive covering letter detailing your contact information.


Workflow for Governor's Consent

Now that we have the requirements in place, let's traverse through the workflow:


1. Submission of Application

Begin by submitting your application along with the required documents to the Directorate of Land Services.


2. Demand Notice Issuance 

A Demand Notice is issued to the applicant, specifying the applicable Fair Market Value (FMV) based on location. This value is determined by Lagos State Official Gazette No. 10 Vol. 48 dated 5th February, 2015. The FMV comprises 3% aggregate, broken down as follows:

Consent Fee: 1.5% of assessed value.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT): 0.5% of assessed value.

Stamp Duty: 0.5% of assessed value.

Registration Fee: 0.5% of assessed value.

Neighbourhood Improvement Charges (N.I.C) assessed for private and excised lands based on size and years of relevant title.


3. Assessments for Mortgage Transactions

For mortgage transactions, the assessment structure varies, including Consent fee, Registration fee, and exemptions for Capital Gain Tax.


4. Receipt Submission

The applicant submits all payment receipts as evidence of payment.


5. Release of Registered Deeds/Instruments 

Upon successful completion of the process, the registered deeds/instruments are released to the applicant.



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