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James Cubitt Innovative Real Estate Designs

James Cubitt Developments, with experience in the real estate industry spanning almost 60 years in Nigeria, has added a new …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 20, 2015

Germany Real Estate Company proposed to acquire competitor

Vonovia, Germany‘s biggest residential real estate company, has expressed its desire of acquiring its rival, Deutsche Wohnen, for almost $16 …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 19, 2015

Cuba Real Estate

The present slow dance of Cuba and the United States in their rapprochement talks is causing the Cuban real estate …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 16, 2015

Resort Savings and Loans Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Investors in real estate products stand to benefit from security of their investments and good and stable returns on their …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 15, 2015

Shoprite and Genesis Deluxe to open at Maryland Mall

When the iconic Maryland Mall is eventually built, residents of the Maryland axis of Lagos may not need to visit …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 14, 2015

10 year Rent-to-own model by NatanelFlorens

Rent-to-own model in housing purchase is not very popular in the nation’s property market. In fact, what has come close …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 13, 2015

Kenya top in appetite for property ownership

7 in 10 middle-class Kenyans plan to own property in the next two to five years, a new survey reveals. The …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 12, 2015

Experts urge for more investment in Real Estate

Experts have called on government at all levels and stakeholders to work towards increasing investments in the real estate sector …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 9, 2015

Africa Property Fund – Xterra Property Development Fund

London — Xterra Capital Advisors, the Mauritius based Real Estate Fund Management company promoting the upcoming Xterra Property Development Fund, …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 8, 2015

Investing Pension Funds for the development of the Economy

The National Pension Commission (NPC) has said the asset in the Contributory Pension Scheme, which started in 2004, has grown …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 7, 2015

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