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Low activities define property market despite approaching elections

Contrary to expectations that Nigeria’s property market would be characterised by high transactions in a pre-election year, the market is …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 12, 2014

Retail soars as more shopping malls berth in Nigeria

The taste of Nigerian consumers is becoming increasingly more sophisticated by the day, especially among the upper and middle class …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 8, 2014

Real Estate Investing 101: What Are Your Financial Goals?

It seems like everyone in Chicago wants to be a real estate investor and judging by the number of 2 …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 7, 2014

Mid-Market Housing to Redefine the Dubai Real Estate Market

Dubai – According to a report issued today by Colliers International, a global leader in commercial real estate services, evidence …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 6, 2014

What the comeback of travel agents says about real estate

Having an expert who knows how to get you the best deal is more valuable than ever When discussing the …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 6, 2014

In UAE, Tighter Regulations Lead To Real Estate Stabilization

Once the world’s hub of luxury high rise development, the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai has learned the hard …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 4, 2014

Nigerians account for 60% Dubai apartment sales

A steady shift  from the development of residential to hotel apartments in Dubai, riding on the back of the huge …Read More

Profile PhotoSOENovember 1, 2014

Developers, investors’ new offerings signpost future of high-end market

 In what signposts the future of Nigeria’s high-end property market, real estate developers and investors (local and foreign) are in …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 31, 2014

Eko Atlantic, Banana Island’s 22% value rise in 12 months means strong potential for high ROI

The immediate fallout of the improvement in Nigeria’s macro-economic indices, especially with relatively stable interest rate, GDP growth and controlled …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 29, 2014

Ask a Real Estate Pro: Landlord shouldn’t try to be friends with tenant

When selecting your tenants, be very picky. Do credit and background checks and make sure their employment and financial pictures …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 27, 2014

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