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6 ways to destress your real estate transaction

Stressful clients can easily make for stressed-out agents. So, if you’re feeling the pressure of your local market, here are …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 24, 2014

6 real estate mistakes that can cost you

In real estate transactions, the stakes are high and even a small mistake can end up costing you thousands of …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 24, 2014

National survey’ll solve housing problem for low income earners –Eyakenyi

Mrs. Akon Eyakenyi, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, is one of  the female politicians who can rise …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 24, 2014

Revolutionising Nigeria’s Mortgage Sector Towards Home Ownership

Despite the fact that mortgage system that had been in operation in the country for many years, the fact that …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 21, 2014

Retail sales rise 50% to $160bn on back of growing disposable income

The phenomenal growth in the disposable income of Nigerians has in the last three years seen sales in the country’s …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 21, 2014

Realtor vs. real estate professional: What is the difference?

For the public, the important difference is that all Realtors are bound by the Realtor Code of Ethics. In fact, …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 15, 2014

Simplify property registration in Nigeria

  Property registration establishes proof of ownership and produces an easy-to-read document reflecting the contents of all the paper title …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 15, 2014

Stakeholders hinge real estate sector growth on infrastructure, sustainable financing

Experts, investors, professionals and other stakeholders in the real estate sector have said that the growth of this sector, which …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 8, 2014

Shifting Investment Focus Favours Nigeria’s Oil-Rich Southern Region

Away from Lagos, real estate investment focus is gradually shifting to the oil-rich southern part of Nigeria where investors say …Read More

Profile PhotoSOEOctober 2, 2014

Gen X home buyers want mortgage freedom

Home buyers in the Gen X cohort will not be content to let their mortgages interfere with their lifestyles, according …Read More

Profile PhotoSOESeptember 29, 2014

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