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Govt. is blamed for the bad condition of the Manufacturing Industry

The Managing Director, Mallinson & Partners Ltd, Mr. Afam Mallinson Ukatu, has blamed Nigerian governments for the near comatose condition of manufacturing industry in Nigeria.
Speaking during the opening of the First Buildingmart at mallinson recently in Lagos, Ukatu said poor power supply has hindered the efforts of manufacturers to compete favourably with foreign producers.
He said government should encourage manufacturers, adding that it should stop charging gas in foreign currency since it is used for manufacturing in Nigeria.
He also queried the rationale for paying gas bills to power generators for manufacturing in Nigeria in US dollars, saying, “there is no place in the world this is done except in Nigeria. That is the issue.”
While giving insight on the competition posed by foreign products, Ukatu said, “the benchmark is something good to monitor the quality of goods. It does not have to do with locally produced goods in Nigeria because if we have what it takes, all the goods manufactured abroad will be produced here in Nigeria. In those days, we were expecting to have goods made in Nigeria by Nigerians not goods made by Indians. That was what we expected to have. It has happened in China those years where all the goods in China were manufactured by Taiwanees but in today’s market, it is goods made in China by Chinese and that is what we want to do in Nigeria. It will come to pass if there is improvement in electricity generation.”
He stated further that, “our aim is to have a one-stop-shop for all building materials. We are trading online. In this regard, you get to our site and in the comfort zone of your house, you can order for any material and you will have them sold and delivered to you.
Currently, we have our manufacturing company in Agbara, Ogun State and we intend to open other branches in Lekki and Ajah in the first quarter of next year.

Source: Nigeria Today

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