Real Estate Development Program

The purpose of this study is to equip participants with the practical and technical knowledge to successfully manage real estate business irrespective of their area of specialisation. This course will concentrate in grooming participants on various real estate investments critically looking at ways of financing products, taxes associated with real transactions and the managerial skills required to effectively evaluate productivity. It will also offer a wide view on planning of affordable housing, environmental and legislative framework associated with development.


Real Estate Digital Marketing Program


This course will provide both real estate and non-real estate professionals with the understanding of how to leverage on and manage various digital marketing channels for your business and marketing needs. You will also be able to improve your marketing and communications capabilities using digital channels to drive your businesses.


The Real Estate Business Program (REBP)

The purpose of this training is to equip Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with technical and practical knowledge which they’ll require to be successful in the market place as Real Estate Practitioners, Estate Agents, Investors, and Mediation Advisers.

The course enables participants who don’t have a prior knowledge of Real Estate to practice professionally. The training is also suitable for matured Entrepreneurs at the verge of a career change. The curriculum is well developed to cover important business topics. REBC teaches participants the principles and methodologies of Real Estate in practice.