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Real estate’s varied job skill requirements

Auctions: Buying and selling doesn't describe the challenges and opportunities faced by real estate agents on a daily basis.Many people believe real estate is just about buying and selling property, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t accurately describe the challenges and opportunities faced by real estate agents on a daily basis. In fact, many don’t realise that real estate is a career that is largely built on relationships. Therefore strong interpersonal and communication skills are among the most important attributes an agent can have.                                                                   

For those looking to carve a career in this field, the following skills will help them forge ahead.
A varied skill set
Knowledge of another profession that compliments real estate such as management, accountancy or property law can be a great advantage in real estate. In fact, we often find that some of the most successful agents have had careers in other industries prior to working in real estate. Understanding the value that diversity can bring to real estate is very important.

Expert negotiation skills
Expert negotiation skills are key in not only driving the best price for the vendor but also in securing the best agreement for all parties – buyer and seller. In order to become a good negotiator, it is vital to have excellent local market knowledge, a sound understanding of property law and a good grasp of behavioural traits. Understanding and adhering to the needs of all parties can help facilitate a smoother negotiation process and a quicker sale.

Being a good marketer as well as a sales person
Agents need to be effective marketers as well as sales people. Possessing a good understanding of real estate marketing will ensure each client’s property reaches the largest audience. A sound understanding of the right mix of newspapers, magazines, online publications, billboards, websites, social media and blogs is vital for effective property marketing.

A skilled networker
Actively pursuing new relationships and cultivating those you already have is important to building a portfolio of contacts, including potential clients and buyers. A good contact list is one of the things that a vendor is seeking when signing with a real estate agent, as they are the link between the buyer and the seller.

Taking professional development to the next level
Continuous professional development and training not only helps real estate agents maintain their license, but also helps keep them at the top of their game. The industry is fast paced and constantly evolving so it pays to stay ahead of the competition with regular professional training.

Good people skills – the ultimate asset
Good people skills are an advantage in almost any line of work, however in real estate they are critical. Knowing how to relate to others on a personal and professional level, being a good listener and a good communicator facilitates trust and forges a bond between agent and client. Agents that possess strong interpersonal skills are more likely to have clients that trust them and refer them on to their own field of influence (their friends and family).

Ultimately, to excel in real estate it takes hard work, dedication and a genuine passion for property.

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November 17, 2014

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