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The Dangers Of Being A Real Estate Agent

Sadly, the hazards of being a real estate professional are real. In September, there was a horrific homicide of 50-year old real estate agent Beverly Carter. She was kidnapped and found thirty miles away from the home in a shallow grave after showing a house in Arkansas.

After this story gained national attention, New Jersey real estate agents banned together and decided to take action in order to best protect themselves from similar situations.

As a result, many agents are now attending self-defense classes known as Israeli Krav Maga in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Ronald Rossi is the owner and instructor of a self-defense school and he discussed the dangers that real estate agents may find themselves in.

“They’re alone, doing open houses, having people they don’t necessarily know come in. anyone who has legs and can fall down should be coming to this,” he said.

Rossi explained that attending classes not only allows these agents to protect themselves, but it gives them first-hand knowledge if violent counter measures that can be used to get away from an attacker.
“Then you just push in and scoop to the side that will take their eye ball out. if they can’t see they can’t fight,” he said.

Rossi and his instructors teach the basics of being aware because there are a lot of awkward situations that real estate agents get put into on a daily basis especially when showing a house alone.
Realtor Carol O’Connor says taking classes helps put her mind at ease.

“You know there are times when you’re in abandoned houses that it does feel a little scary, it’s always good to defend yourself,” she concluded.

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December 4, 2014

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