3 Most Frequently Ask Questions by Land buyers and How to Respond

I understand the significance of addressing clients' questions with empathy in decoding the minds of land buyers which is key to nurturing a successful purchase and satisfying relationship. I did our research and gather relevant information from Top Realtors in Nigeria to know the most frequent questions they get from their clients before making a land purchase and in this article we provided you with valuable insights on how to respond in a way that resonates with them.


"What is the growth potential of my investment?"

When clients inquire about the growth potential of their investment, they are essentially seeking assurance that their chosen land will appreciate in value over time. As a realtor, you can provide them with a comprehensive analysis of factors that influence land appreciation, backed by historical data and future projections.


How Do You Respond?

Begin with existing real life examples, Share the stories of clients who made prudent land investments years ago and have seen their property value soar over time. Highlight success stories of clients who experienced substantial appreciation due to strategic location choices. While utilising your proficiency in real estate research and market analysis to provide your clients with  comparative studies of different areas' appreciation rates, demonstrating the potential returns on their investment. Let your clients see that you've done your homework, instilling confidence in your recommendations. Educate your clients about the impact of location on the growth potential of their investment. A well-located plot that benefits from nearby infrastructure developments, access to transportation, and essential amenities is likely to see more significant appreciation in value over time. Paint a vivid picture of a locality that has undergone similar transformations and how it has positively affected land values. In your conclusions, acknowledge that all investments carry some degree of risk, and land is no exception. However, emphasize that a well-informed and carefully chosen investment significantly reduces potential risks. 


"Are there any hidden costs or other documentation fees?" 

Addressing the question about hidden costs and other documentation fees is vital in establishing trust and transparency with your clients.A client who feels informed and confident will trust you throughout the buying process.


How Do You Respond?

Start by  acknowledging that hidden costs and documentation fees are legitimate concerns for any land purchase and that while some land purchases are "All Inclusive", some are not due to different reasons which may include initial pricing, survey and other legal and utility fees while being strategic,  Use the opportunity to  educate your clients on the general typical costs associated with a land purchase, such as property taxes, registration fees, documentation fees, survey and legal expenses that may be attached to the land by presenting a comprehensive list which  demonstrate your expertise such that  your clients will have a clear understanding of the financial commitment involved. Very Importantly, Offer to help your clients create a realistic budget for their land purchase, factoring in all associated costs. Assure them that you are available to answer any questions throughout the process to keep them informed and empowered.



"How is the resale possibility?" 

Responding to questions about the resale possibility is crucial in closing the sale with the prospect. Many clients are very inquisitive about the future demand of their investment. They want to know whether or not it will become a sort after property, so they do not have to stress in trying to sell it in future. Which makes them make more enquires on the location of the property.


How Do You Respond?

Emphasize the strengths of the location that make it attractive to potential buyers in the future. For instance, proximity to essential amenities, Tertiary Institutions, transportation hubs, industrial estate and recreational areas will enhance the resale value. Also Inform your clients about other upcoming development plans in the area that could positively impact the land's resale value such as various  government initiatives.This will give your client an assurance that you are well informed about the location you pitching. Share stories of already established locations in comparison with proposed location and the possibilities of similar growth. Lastly, advise against making hasty decisions based solely on short-term fluctuations in the market which assures your client that they are about to embark on their journey to secure a valuable asset that holds the promise of lucrative returns in the years to come.



In conclusion, Remember, your understanding of their intentions and concerns, give you a better edge in responding to their questions therefore be attentive to their mindset. However, selling lands requires much more skills than just knowing how to respond correctly to client questions, it's a good thing you read to this point therefore we am inviting you to take the next step in your real estate journey by enrolling for the "SLAM" Selling Like a Machine course offered by the prestigious School of Estate. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to conquer the real estate market with finesse and confidence. Visit www.schoolofestate.com now!